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oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

The final results of our shortened haiku romp... anticlimactic!

Dear ladies and gents: The polling has just been closed, and it was quite close.

Our two "finalists" were our friends patchwork_prose and roina_arwen.

Winning by one vote, roina-- our past runner-up-- took the lead this time.

Seems quite cut and dried-- until I remind you all of Week Oh's results. / At the time, I said the winner of that week's poll would get Powers soon.

As it so happens, patchwork_prose won Week Zilch by a "landslide." So...

Quite a quandary. Quiet's never had a shot to use her "powers!"

Drumming my fingers, considering all options... this is a tough one. / These circumstances are not what I'd call "ideal," since we cut this short. / And with just one vote separating "win" from "lose..." it's ridiculous.

I could let Quiet opt to play just one more round against roina_a. / But since everyone knows who the players are now... not much of a point. / Besides, our poor poll only had six voters, yo. It won't get better.

Thusly, I proclaim, post-much deliberation, the haiku victor(s)...

As Haiku-Master, I declare this round a tie. Both parties have won! / Not just one, but two LJ Haiku Idols now stake their rightful claim!

I'll make some e-plaques on the morrow for you both. Congratulations. / As for now, it's late-- midnight here, in fact; my wife is getting quite pissed.


Too short a season -
Tis only fitting to have
Declared a tie. Woot!
Glad you're a good sport. Way too short a "season," yeah... real sad about that.

Now I'm wondering if "Poetry Idol" might interest some folks more. I love my haiku, but sonnets are cooler still... and harder to write.
I've been working on writing various styles of poems this month for NaPoWriMo - it would be cool to have a "Poetry Idol" where we could try and tackle a different poetic form from week to week - one week a sonnet, the next maybe a tanka, or a villanelle, etc.

Also, if we can get enough folks to join up, it may be better to have "traditional" polls rather than the blind ones - with longer poems it is harder to do this kind of poll, you know? Plus, with the blind polls you can't post in your journal "Hey, vote for me, I'm contestant #3" because that would defeat the purpose of it being a blind vote, but it also makes it hard to get new members if no one is posting about the community, yanno?

I also think also maybe some of the contestants didn't set a "watch" (or whatever it is called) for this community, to get email notifications for updates. Deadlines are more easily missed if you don't see the update on your Flist. Just my .02 cents.
That's how I missed the voting on week 0.

You have something of a point re: longer poems and polling. I'm not sure that it's that much more difficult than going from place to place and reading entries, especially when there are still likely to be relatively few. But I can see that being something of an issue with sonnets.

The blind voting has been my way of dealing with what I've always seen as an inherent LJI problem-- again, one that can't really be avoided when you start with hundreds of contestants, but with smaller numbers, totally possible to do.

People totally *can* post "Hey, vote for contestant #3" and I can't stop them; I've never said I would disqualify anyone for doing that (I can't really check friends-only entries, for one thing). But doesn't it kinda spoil the meritocracious fun?

I did try to get folks to add the comm to their f-list with their join-ups (left a comment to each of the early joiners at least...), but I guess it didn't happen for some of us. In "everyone's" defense, I do know adding comms to a friend feed on LJ is just a little bit more obnoxious and involved than it really needs to be in this day and age.
I don't think I've written a sonnet since I wrote "Upon the Stupidity of Poetry," back in the 60s. ::grin::

I would love to read poetry-hating poetry.

I don't write 'em often either... but a couple weeks ago I wrote a whole sonnet and posted it on Twitter line by line, hoping I'd get the attention of the amazing Pentametron. It ignored every last one of those 14 serial tweets. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it by name.

I love form for form's sake sometimes, which is why haiku makes me so happy. I'm not that into poetry in general-- but trying to shoehorn your thoughts into some arbitrary constriction makes one's brain hurt so good.
Yeah, us! We're good!

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Thank you for the thought and effort you put into this. So sorry that there wasn't more involvement.
Congrats on your win and thanks for hanging out with us for your too-brief stay.

I guess it's just... that darned economy!

But I really would like to try this again in some form-- the first "season" of LJHI all those years ago was a total blast, and I see no reason why we couldn't have the same again even with a pretty small starting pool... just as long as everyone's, y'know, actually *doin' it*.
I would be interested in trying again. (Must find out how to get email notices for comments in communities.) The haiku format is the only "formal" format I've really enjoyed using. For the most part, my poems have a different sort of ... internal consistency/ constitution. But I can make it mesh with haiku.

Found, just now, a poem from my stash ("Coming Home," 2009) that does that. Think I will put it somewhere I'll find it again.

Going to look for the email options, now.