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oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

a resurrection, five empty 40-ounces: normal Saturday

Hey there, everyone.
Remember, like, a year ago,
when last I posted?

Listen, honestly,
I'd intended to reboot,
and start Season 2.

some "situations" arose.
LJ had to wait.

'09 came and went.
Then, just mere days ago,
A comment went up.

A familiar friend,
who goes by the handle whirled,
wondered: "WHAT THE F___?"

A nice chat ensued,
During which we worked it out:
She'd run Season 2.

Win-win for all, y'all:
You all get lots more haiku,
and I get to play!

Maybe at some point,
we'll both run this haiku game;
I'm still quite busy.

Anyway, stay tuned.
I'm not sure what she's planned yet,
But it should start... soon.

Meanwhile, spread the word.
More contestants means more fun;
All will be welcome.


A new season - w00!
Can't wait to start writing more
haiku with you all!