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Apr. 11th, 2012

oh anna


The final results of our shortened haiku romp... anticlimactic!

Dear ladies and gents: The polling has just been closed, and it was quite close.

Our two "finalists" were our friends patchwork_prose and roina_arwen.

Winning by one vote, roina-- our past runner-up-- took the lead this time.

Seems quite cut and dried-- until I remind you all of Week Oh's results. / At the time, I said the winner of that week's poll would get Powers soon.

As it so happens, patchwork_prose won Week Zilch by a "landslide." So...

Quite a quandary. Quiet's never had a shot to use her "powers!"

Drumming my fingers, considering all options... this is a tough one. / These circumstances are not what I'd call "ideal," since we cut this short. / And with just one vote separating "win" from "lose..." it's ridiculous.

I could let Quiet opt to play just one more round against roina_a. / But since everyone knows who the players are now... not much of a point. / Besides, our poor poll only had six voters, yo. It won't get better.

Thusly, I proclaim, post-much deliberation, the haiku victor(s)...

As Haiku-Master, I declare this round a tie. Both parties have won! / Not just one, but two LJ Haiku Idols now stake their rightful claim!

I'll make some e-plaques on the morrow for you both. Congratulations. / As for now, it's late-- midnight here, in fact; my wife is getting quite pissed.

Apr. 8th, 2012

oh anna


Well, guess this is it. Sometimes, simply to begin... is also to end.

Despite my sad pleas and the entry extension, nothing much has changed. / Of the five or six who signed up to try haiku, only two posted!

Sad as it makes me, I guess this means that Week One is... the only week. / Our two contestants both wrote on their Biggest Day: walking up the aisle.


Do I say "I do"?
Or stop to think this all through
one very last time?

Twenty years later,
in retrospect: 'I do' was
the perfect answer.


Arms held interlocked,
he stumbled slightly, and I
gripped ever tighter.

The crisp white runner
and pink petals underfoot -
The aisle seemed so long!

Love strengthened him, and
my father straightened his stride.
Slowly, we marched on.

Vote on one of these. Deadline to vote: Tuesday night, 8pm Eastern. / The LJHI winner in this light'ning round shall be decided!

Poll #1832224 Pick out a victor, s/he shall be named Haiku King, or Queen, or whate'er.
This poll is closed.

Who do you select? WHO SHALL WIN THIS DUMB CONTEST? Not me, that's for sure.

Entry #1
Entry #2

Apr. 6th, 2012

oh anna


Oh, my broken heart. Oh, the tears I cry today. DEADLINE EXTENDED.

Well, then, haiku peeps, we've got a situation: very few entries.

When I say there's "few," I mean "so few freakin' haiku as to end this thing."

Now, don't get me wrong. I know everyone's busy. But... c'mon, you guys.

Not sure what to do, except to extend things out hoping for more stuff. / The new cutoff is Saturday at noon Eastern. Plz post haiku here.

Don't post haiku here, as in "comments to THIS post." Here, posts are unscreened. / If you need some help figuring out your haiku, post here for said help. / It's like a Green Room. Or it's like haiku boot camp. Take your bloody pick.

Last time I did this, everyone had lots of fun. Let's not let it die! / I can soldier on if I have one more haiku-- but if not: no point. :(

Apr. 3rd, 2012

oh anna


To err is human. To fuck things up royally... *that* takes a lossfound.

Someone pointed out that I got the winner wrong in the Week Oh Poll. / I have an excuse; actually, I've got like six. But it matters not.

Haiku number 2 was the winner fair and square. Bar graphs do not lie.

...Except when said graphs wrap around in crafty ways in browser windows.
oh anna


And the winner is... mwu-hahahahahaha...*OW*. Was that a rock?

Tried to set things up so that we'll run parallel to Idol deadlines. / Alas, currently, Monday's my busiest day, sixteen straight hours... / quite hard to find time to shut down the posting poll on a Monday night. / So we'll prolly move poll deadlines and new topics to Tuesday morning. / Let's stick to Thursday for the haiku post deadlines, at least for right now.

So, in Week Zero, anon haiku number 2 was the clear winner.

Norrrrrmally, right now, I'd announce who authored the chart-topping haiku. / I'd also reveal the authors of all haiku entered for that week. / But this week's winner won't learn what their victory has earned them... just yet.

Later, down the line, this person shall be endowed with HAIKU POWERS. / *I* get to decide what those powers might entail. (...Sounds familiar.) / So, at that moment, you'll learn their identity... *and* hear what they've won.

So, Week Zilch winner - keep your ID under wraps... or you'll lose your prize! / Congrats to you, though; may your haiku victory be a source of pride.

Alright, 'nuffa that. It's the day you've waited for: Week One has arrived!

Your first week's topic (to be answered in haiku, goes without saying):
A single moment
Altered your life forever.
Tell us about it.

Contestants shall have up to four haiku stanzas to answer the prompt.

Let's be clear, also-- you can take any approach, from artsy to fun. / You don't even need to make it clear what happened in any detail. / Just go and reflect on the moments in your life that were pivotal... / Haiku's flexible; tell your story as you like. Voters do the rest!

Post your entries here, as you did in Week Zero; they'll all stay anon. / (Comment through this post; all your postings will be screened, and never *un*screened.) / Deadline is Thursday, 9pm Eastern Standard. I'll post them that night.

edited to add: New deadline Saturday noon. We need more entries!

What happened to me? Used to be so fast at these... I'm out of practice :(

Apr. 2nd, 2012

oh anna


(no subject)

One last reminder: Poll for Week Oh ends tonight. Tell your friends and foes!

Stay tuned, y'all, also, / for the Week One topic call. It'll be a dooz.

Mar. 30th, 2012

wump there it is


WEEK ZERO RESULTZ! Read all five of them, and weep... then cast ye your votes.

I've been slacking off.
Actually, that's not quite true;
workin' off mah balls.

Still, said ball-travail
is related to my job.
I'm sorry; I suck.

So, then, reader/friend,
And with no further ado,
Here's Week Zero's shtuff.

Five folks posted these.
Vote on each until Monday,
April 2, at 9.

That's 9p Eastern,
even though I'm Central here,
'cause I miss the coast.

Winner gets a "prize."
Then, Monday night, WEEK ONE starts!
Come on back, y'heard?



I am a lady
with straight, brown hair and blue eyes
(Though some would claim green).

My hubby is of
a whole other polity:
Republican. *sigh*

My daughter could be
called Goldilocks for her curls
or simply, "Beauty".

I love to write, and
Haiku is becoming the
hip thing, is it not?



Tissues in one hand,
tree pollen gold in sunlight--
a new season falls.

Who would have thought
that such a large sneeze could come
from such a small girl

In her father's broad
footsteps, she walks the river
bank...Look! Wild grape vines!

Long, black-grey hair blows
loose in the icy cold wind.
She outruns the years.



Botticelli hair,
fair skin, and Renaissance curves.
My thoughts are my own.

Music, ideas,
words captivate me. You speak,
I listen. Always.

My children made me
this version of myself. Time
will do all that's left.



Just turned Fifty five
Where on earth have the years gone
Feel like I'm thirty

Married a long time
Seems like only yesterday
I walked down that aisle

My dogs are my kids
Home is my sanctuary
Glad I have a job

Books are my passion
Music brings me great joy
I hold friendship dear



Adorably cute,
Quick witted and quick to smile -
I love a good jest.

Word games intrigue me,
Although I love "Draw Something."
Doodling is fun!

What more can I say,
except that I love haiku.
I'm sure you do too!

This poll is closed.

Vote for one haiku... or vote for all, or for none. Winner gets a "prize!"

Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3
Entry #4
Entry #5

Mar. 21st, 2012



Week Zero is here! But we could use more players. So then: please read on.

Dearest haiku fans:
Sadly, our numbers are slim--
only four of us.

I've been debating:
Do I extend the signup,
or just go ahead?

What I think I'll do:
Let's have a Week Zero round,
just to show the world.

And in the meantime,
Signups will still be allowed
until next Monday.

That's the 26th.
Tell your family, friends, and pets--
everyone welcome!

For all new signups:
Head over and sign up here,
right in the comments.

Now, the first topic,
which will still be voted on...
but no one will die.

Instead, the winner
will receive a special prize--
which is TBA.

Here's the way this works.
All entries submitted HERE--
as in, "comments here."

No sep'rate postings,
no linkbacks to your journals.
Comments here are screened.

When the deadline hits,
I will post all your haiku--

Then we'll have our vote,
and somebody earns a prize.

Week Zero's topic:
Describe yourself in haiku--
four haiku, or less.

And please remember:
Each haiku stanza follows
The format I've used...

Line 1 and line 3
Both shall have five syllables.
Line 2's got seven.

The deadline for this:
Monday night, 8p Eastern--
Post in comments here!

Mar. 8th, 2012

oh anna


Can it... could it be? LJ HAIKU IDOL'S BACK? ...Hell yes, it is, son.

Well, I've missed you all.
Actually, I've missed haiku.
Y'all ain't my concern.

Sev'ral years ago,
whirled was gonna take over.
'Twas never to pass.

(Questionable start...
...too many apostrophes.
Let's try this again.)

Anyhoo, so, yeah.
If you dig writing haiku,
it's your lucky day.

In ten days or so:
LJHI Season 2!
And for real this time!

Just like LJ, but...
no tl;dr entries.
(You know, like, uh, mine.)

I post a topic.
People write haiku on that--
all innately brief.

Once contestants post
Their seventeen syllables,
Then we have a vote.

And, there is a catch--
Entries are anonymous!
I post them myself.

One by one, we fall.
At the end, only one stands:

Want in on this shiz?
Post a comment of intent
right beneath this post.

Then, on March 19,
the first topic gets announced.

Tell a friend or foe!
Shout it from the mountaintop!
Sign up, one and all!

But don't dare delay.
March 19th's the deadline, yo.
Sign up now! Yes, YOU!

* Yes, fine, "queen" works too.
I am not misogynist;
this shit's just tricky.

Feb. 20th, 2010

oh anna


a resurrection, five empty 40-ounces: normal Saturday

Hey there, everyone.
Remember, like, a year ago,
when last I posted?

Listen, honestly,
I'd intended to reboot,
and start Season 2.

some "situations" arose.
LJ had to wait.

'09 came and went.
Then, just mere days ago,
A comment went up.

A familiar friend,
who goes by the handle whirled,
wondered: "WHAT THE F___?"

A nice chat ensued,
During which we worked it out:
She'd run Season 2.

Win-win for all, y'all:
You all get lots more haiku,
and I get to play!

Maybe at some point,
we'll both run this haiku game;
I'm still quite busy.

Anyway, stay tuned.
I'm not sure what she's planned yet,
But it should start... soon.

Meanwhile, spread the word.
More contestants means more fun;
All will be welcome.

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