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oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

Can it... could it be? LJ HAIKU IDOL'S BACK? ...Hell yes, it is, son.

Well, I've missed you all.
Actually, I've missed haiku.
Y'all ain't my concern.

Sev'ral years ago,
whirled was gonna take over.
'Twas never to pass.

(Questionable start...
...too many apostrophes.
Let's try this again.)

Anyhoo, so, yeah.
If you dig writing haiku,
it's your lucky day.

In ten days or so:
LJHI Season 2!
And for real this time!

Just like LJ, but...
no tl;dr entries.
(You know, like, uh, mine.)

I post a topic.
People write haiku on that--
all innately brief.

Once contestants post
Their seventeen syllables,
Then we have a vote.

And, there is a catch--
Entries are anonymous!
I post them myself.

One by one, we fall.
At the end, only one stands:

Want in on this shiz?
Post a comment of intent
right beneath this post.

Then, on March 19,
the first topic gets announced.

Tell a friend or foe!
Shout it from the mountaintop!
Sign up, one and all!

But don't dare delay.
March 19th's the deadline, yo.
Sign up now! Yes, YOU!

* Yes, fine, "queen" works too.
I am not misogynist;
this shit's just tricky.


I was runner up.
Once again, I take the field.
Please sign me up now.
Ah, our first victim!
Welcome back, old runner-up.
Now, for some rivals...
R to the O, yo:
Hope you saw the brand new prompt.
Best of luck to ye.
Yes I want to play
The contest will inspire me
Need to write again!
(Let's hope that there's more than one.)
Welcome back, old friend!
Courtesy haiku:
The Week Zero prompt is up.
Break a haiku leg!
I might try this out.
We'll see if I have the time.
My haikus are not great.
Oh, c'mon, my friend.
Haikus aren't some huge timesuck.
And this one's ^^^ not bad.

(Just keep this in mind:
Five, seven, five syllables.
Your last line had six!)

(oh, wait a minute.
you so did that on purpose.
DO NOT MOCK HAIKU~~~~~~~~~~~)
In case you missed it...
Week Zero prompt is up.
Don't forget to friend!
All right, I'll give it a shot. 17 syllables, you say? Not 19 or some other magic, random number?

Just to be sure...
Welcome, fourth party!
Five, seven, five for haiku,
per dumb US schools.

Now, haiku purists
Argue that this ain't the point.
Purist, I am not.
Soon, I shall transform
raw prompts into poetry.
Inspiration waits.
Off to a nice start.
I've posted the Week-Oh prompt.
Let haiku begin!
Dawwww, okay, I guess.
Writing haiku can be fun,
right? Count me in. Yay!
Hey, now we're talkin'.
Welcome, player number five.
Glad to have you here.

Week Zero is up;
don't forget to add this comm
to your own friends page.
And a sixth appears!
*Now* things may get int'resting.
Thanks for trying this!

to your friends list for updates.
And: here's Week Zero.

Edited at 2012-03-23 11:55 am (UTC)