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lossfound in ljhaikuidol

Week Zero is here! But we could use more players. So then: please read on.

Dearest haiku fans:
Sadly, our numbers are slim--
only four of us.

I've been debating:
Do I extend the signup,
or just go ahead?

What I think I'll do:
Let's have a Week Zero round,
just to show the world.

And in the meantime,
Signups will still be allowed
until next Monday.

That's the 26th.
Tell your family, friends, and pets--
everyone welcome!

For all new signups:
Head over and sign up here,
right in the comments.

Now, the first topic,
which will still be voted on...
but no one will die.

Instead, the winner
will receive a special prize--
which is TBA.

Here's the way this works.
All entries submitted HERE--
as in, "comments here."

No sep'rate postings,
no linkbacks to your journals.
Comments here are screened.

When the deadline hits,
I will post all your haiku--

Then we'll have our vote,
and somebody earns a prize.

Week Zero's topic:
Describe yourself in haiku--
four haiku, or less.

And please remember:
Each haiku stanza follows
The format I've used...

Line 1 and line 3
Both shall have five syllables.
Line 2's got seven.

The deadline for this:
Monday night, 8p Eastern--
Post in comments here!