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wump there it is

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

WEEK ZERO RESULTZ! Read all five of them, and weep... then cast ye your votes.

I've been slacking off.
Actually, that's not quite true;
workin' off mah balls.

Still, said ball-travail
is related to my job.
I'm sorry; I suck.

So, then, reader/friend,
And with no further ado,
Here's Week Zero's shtuff.

Five folks posted these.
Vote on each until Monday,
April 2, at 9.

That's 9p Eastern,
even though I'm Central here,
'cause I miss the coast.

Winner gets a "prize."
Then, Monday night, WEEK ONE starts!
Come on back, y'heard?



I am a lady
with straight, brown hair and blue eyes
(Though some would claim green).

My hubby is of
a whole other polity:
Republican. *sigh*

My daughter could be
called Goldilocks for her curls
or simply, "Beauty".

I love to write, and
Haiku is becoming the
hip thing, is it not?



Tissues in one hand,
tree pollen gold in sunlight--
a new season falls.

Who would have thought
that such a large sneeze could come
from such a small girl

In her father's broad
footsteps, she walks the river
bank...Look! Wild grape vines!

Long, black-grey hair blows
loose in the icy cold wind.
She outruns the years.



Botticelli hair,
fair skin, and Renaissance curves.
My thoughts are my own.

Music, ideas,
words captivate me. You speak,
I listen. Always.

My children made me
this version of myself. Time
will do all that's left.



Just turned Fifty five
Where on earth have the years gone
Feel like I'm thirty

Married a long time
Seems like only yesterday
I walked down that aisle

My dogs are my kids
Home is my sanctuary
Glad I have a job

Books are my passion
Music brings me great joy
I hold friendship dear



Adorably cute,
Quick witted and quick to smile -
I love a good jest.

Word games intrigue me,
Although I love "Draw Something."
Doodling is fun!

What more can I say,
except that I love haiku.
I'm sure you do too!

This poll is closed.

Vote for one haiku... or vote for all, or for none. Winner gets a "prize!"

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