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oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

Well, guess this is it. Sometimes, simply to begin... is also to end.

Despite my sad pleas and the entry extension, nothing much has changed. / Of the five or six who signed up to try haiku, only two posted!

Sad as it makes me, I guess this means that Week One is... the only week. / Our two contestants both wrote on their Biggest Day: walking up the aisle.


Do I say "I do"?
Or stop to think this all through
one very last time?

Twenty years later,
in retrospect: 'I do' was
the perfect answer.


Arms held interlocked,
he stumbled slightly, and I
gripped ever tighter.

The crisp white runner
and pink petals underfoot -
The aisle seemed so long!

Love strengthened him, and
my father straightened his stride.
Slowly, we marched on.

Vote on one of these. Deadline to vote: Tuesday night, 8pm Eastern. / The LJHI winner in this light'ning round shall be decided!

Poll #1832224 Pick out a victor, s/he shall be named Haiku King, or Queen, or whate'er.
This poll is closed.

Who do you select? WHO SHALL WIN THIS DUMB CONTEST? Not me, that's for sure.

Entry #1
Entry #2


I'm sorry this didn't take off as well as it should have. :(
I wonder who didn't post? It's sad there's only two!
Maybe it was Spring Break for too many people?

I just completely forgot about this (sorry), and because I tend not to read my f-list on the weekends (i.e., Friday-Monday), I might have missed the week before that too.

Sorry! You could try again, and see if more of us can pay better attention. :0