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April 3rd, 2012

oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

And the winner is... mwu-hahahahahaha...*OW*. Was that a rock?

Tried to set things up so that we'll run parallel to Idol deadlines. / Alas, currently, Monday's my busiest day, sixteen straight hours... / quite hard to find time to shut down the posting poll on a Monday night. / So we'll prolly move poll deadlines and new topics to Tuesday morning. / Let's stick to Thursday for the haiku post deadlines, at least for right now.

So, in Week Zero, anon haiku number 2 was the clear winner.

Norrrrrmally, right now, I'd announce who authored the chart-topping haiku. / I'd also reveal the authors of all haiku entered for that week. / But this week's winner won't learn what their victory has earned them... just yet.

Later, down the line, this person shall be endowed with HAIKU POWERS. / *I* get to decide what those powers might entail. (...Sounds familiar.) / So, at that moment, you'll learn their identity... *and* hear what they've won.

So, Week Zilch winner - keep your ID under wraps... or you'll lose your prize! / Congrats to you, though; may your haiku victory be a source of pride.

Alright, 'nuffa that. It's the day you've waited for: Week One has arrived!

Your first week's topic (to be answered in haiku, goes without saying):
A single moment
Altered your life forever.
Tell us about it.

Contestants shall have up to four haiku stanzas to answer the prompt.

Let's be clear, also-- you can take any approach, from artsy to fun. / You don't even need to make it clear what happened in any detail. / Just go and reflect on the moments in your life that were pivotal... / Haiku's flexible; tell your story as you like. Voters do the rest!

Post your entries here, as you did in Week Zero; they'll all stay anon. / (Comment through this post; all your postings will be screened, and never *un*screened.) / Deadline is Thursday, 9pm Eastern Standard. I'll post them that night.

edited to add: New deadline Saturday noon. We need more entries!

What happened to me? Used to be so fast at these... I'm out of practice :(

oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

To err is human. To fuck things up royally... *that* takes a lossfound.

Someone pointed out that I got the winner wrong in the Week Oh Poll. / I have an excuse; actually, I've got like six. But it matters not.

Haiku number 2 was the winner fair and square. Bar graphs do not lie.

...Except when said graphs wrap around in crafty ways in browser windows.