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April 6th, 2012

oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

Oh, my broken heart. Oh, the tears I cry today. DEADLINE EXTENDED.

Well, then, haiku peeps, we've got a situation: very few entries.

When I say there's "few," I mean "so few freakin' haiku as to end this thing."

Now, don't get me wrong. I know everyone's busy. But... c'mon, you guys.

Not sure what to do, except to extend things out hoping for more stuff. / The new cutoff is Saturday at noon Eastern. Plz post haiku here.

Don't post haiku here, as in "comments to THIS post." Here, posts are unscreened. / If you need some help figuring out your haiku, post here for said help. / It's like a Green Room. Or it's like haiku boot camp. Take your bloody pick.

Last time I did this, everyone had lots of fun. Let's not let it die! / I can soldier on if I have one more haiku-- but if not: no point. :(