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April 11th, 2012

oh anna

lossfound in ljhaikuidol

The final results of our shortened haiku romp... anticlimactic!

Dear ladies and gents: The polling has just been closed, and it was quite close.

Our two "finalists" were our friends patchwork_prose and roina_arwen.

Winning by one vote, roina-- our past runner-up-- took the lead this time.

Seems quite cut and dried-- until I remind you all of Week Oh's results. / At the time, I said the winner of that week's poll would get Powers soon.

As it so happens, patchwork_prose won Week Zilch by a "landslide." So...

Quite a quandary. Quiet's never had a shot to use her "powers!"

Drumming my fingers, considering all options... this is a tough one. / These circumstances are not what I'd call "ideal," since we cut this short. / And with just one vote separating "win" from "lose..." it's ridiculous.

I could let Quiet opt to play just one more round against roina_a. / But since everyone knows who the players are now... not much of a point. / Besides, our poor poll only had six voters, yo. It won't get better.

Thusly, I proclaim, post-much deliberation, the haiku victor(s)...

As Haiku-Master, I declare this round a tie. Both parties have won! / Not just one, but two LJ Haiku Idols now stake their rightful claim!

I'll make some e-plaques on the morrow for you both. Congratulations. / As for now, it's late-- midnight here, in fact; my wife is getting quite pissed.