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and so Season One, in quite dramatic fashion, now reaches its end...!

OK, here we are: LJ HAIKU BATTLEDOME. The crowd is hungry!

Right behind the cut, you'll find the contributions of two finalists. / In this final round, each remaining player dropped ten haiku (no less!). / While each haikuist used their rival's final word as their starting point, / please don't be misled; these haiku are separate and independent. / There's no central theme or long-running story line, so don't judge them thus.

Before you go vote, read each player's ten haiku, measured as a set. / Then tell me, dear folks: Which player deserves to be named our HAIKU MASTER?

FINALIST 1 (seven_ljhi) FINALIST 2 (five_ljhi)
Far out! Finally
my writing is loved by all.
Happiness and joy!
Joy comes in simple
forms; yet misery seems to
beg complexity.
Complexity is
the entanglement of life -
how threads all connect.
Connect my heart to
one that's miles away, with the
logistics of love.
Love - a simple word?
Ineffable expressions
so deep and tender.
Tender is the place
inside me most recently
pummelled by your lies.
Lies are deadly lyrics -
truths twisted, words warped, flesh flayed.
Unfaithful deceit.
Deceit dances 'neath
strobing lights, like a stripper
with a sad secret.
Secret messages,
poems hidden in plain sight.
We aren't just numbers.
Numbers have come to
define me - bank balances,
height, weight, speed, and time.
Time is sequential.
Thyme is an aromatic.
Both have their uses.
Uses my heart to
refill hers with whatever
she feels she's missing.
Missing you, I look
back through yellowed photographs
and get nostalgic.
Nostalgic was the
atmosphere when I took you
through my old school yard.
Yard by yard, I stride -
enjoying the brisk night air.
My breath makes white puffs.
Puffs of cigarette
smoke like us; tango in the
air and melt away.
Away from your sight
I wander. Alone I sit,
deciding our fate.
Fate takes one last glance
in the mirror before a
date with Destiny.
Destiny is real.
She can also be a bitch.
I need aspirin.
Aspirin can be
the diff'rence between life, death,
a pain in the neck.

Poll #1338485 LJ Haiku Idol - Week 7, final round
This poll is closed.

Of our two players, whose haiku entries did you enjoy the most?

Finalist 1 (seven_ljhi)
Finalist 2 (five_ljhi)

Voting ends Friday, 6PM Eastern Standard-- so's our first "season!"
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