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Feb. 1st, 2009

truly a miracle of god


and now, ladies / gents, the moment you've waited for for almost two weeks!

I normally choose to write my haiku like this, but it's award time... / ...gotta be formal. From here on, I'll use line breaks. Now... for the awards!

I've not yet announced
the sum totals from Week Six--
our semifinals.

So we'll now proceed
to announce the group results
that just led us here.

In Week Six, here were our authors:
theafaye: Haiku 7, 9, and 10 - vote total 17
sydb42: Haiku 2, 11, and 12 - vote total 22
whirled: Haiku 3, 5, and 8 - vote total 24
roina_arwen: Haiku 1, 4, and 6 - vote total 30

With her anagrams,
Roina rode a whopping lead
into the finals.

The remaining slot
was hotly contested, 'til
whirled squeaked right in.

Dear Syd and Thea:
You performed remarkably,
as voters noted!

I hope you'll accept--
as a consolation prize--
this here profile bling.

As you may recall,
the competition was fierce
in our final round.

And now, I'll reveal:
roina_ was Finalist One;
whirled, Player Two.

I can understand
why voters declared a tie--
both players kicked ass.

Thusly: the runoff.
In this round, voters were clear:
they like poly ties!

(Sorry, that's not clear...
roina_ wrote haiku 1/B,
whirled wrote 2/A.

The runoff vote was:
whirled's sum, thirty-seven;
roina_'s, twenty-nine

What a thrilling end.
Roina, you put up a fight
that we'll not forget.

For your skill and wit,
I offer you this e-Plaque
for your e-Office.

(Also, dear Roina,
if you don't like "runner-up,"
then how's "second place"?)

So, where's that leave us?
Right-- "there can be only one."
That one is... whirled!

With tenacity,
wit, and a poet's spirit,
she's brought home the gold.

whirled, for your win,
ah done carved up this e-Bling.
May it serve you well.

to all named herein, and to
our victor whirled!

Whew! That's it this round.
I hope everyone enjoyed
our first full season.

Season Two starts soon.
Stay tuned here for more on that
in coming days / weeks.

Meanwhile, in this thread,
I hope you'll all take the time
to share your congrats!

Jan. 30th, 2009



sigh, it's Friday night. what's a lonely man to do? i know... post haiku!

Alright, haiku fans... our finalists have phoned in with two haiku each. / Choose your favorite one from each matched pair of haiku; vote accordingly.

Underneath the cut, two pairs of haiku-- choose one from each set.Collapse )

Poll #1340790 finalist run-off
This poll is closed.

Haiku set 1/2 (vote for one):


Haiku set A/B (vote for one):


In our runoff vote, polls close 24 hours after they open - / that means 1AM EST Saturday night Sunday morning. Get your votes in quick!

Should the runoff fail to determine our winner... things might get crrrrrrazy.
oh anna


official dessert of unwanted-tie-breakers: chocolate pudding

Sigh... it just figures. First time ending this contest, and we have a tie.

Well, we'll deal with this. Hey, finalists, comment here with two more haiku. / Your topics will be: 1) why you deserve to win, 2) this crappy tie. :(

Post ASAP. Then I'll repost your haiku for a run-off round. / The vote will be short, so we can decide who wins and move on with life!

To our voting base: Stick around to help decide-- this is all your fault!!!!
truly a miracle of god


these last couple weeks have surely been nail-biters in re: to polling...

Ten hours 'til poll's end, and the race is neck and neck! Don't forget to vote!

Jan. 27th, 2009

oh anna


and so Season One, in quite dramatic fashion, now reaches its end...!

OK, here we are: LJ HAIKU BATTLEDOME. The crowd is hungry!

Right behind the cut, you'll find the contributions of two finalists. / In this final round, each remaining player dropped ten haiku (no less!). / While each haikuist used their rival's final word as their starting point, / please don't be misled; these haiku are separate and independent. / There's no central theme or long-running story line, so don't judge them thus.

Before you go vote, read each player's ten haiku, measured as a set. / Then tell me, dear folks: Which player deserves to be named our HAIKU MASTER?

In a few days' time, our winner's decided on what's behind this cut...Collapse )

Poll #1338485 LJ Haiku Idol - Week 7, final round
This poll is closed.

Of our two players, whose haiku entries did you enjoy the most?

Finalist 1 (seven_ljhi)
Finalist 2 (five_ljhi)

Voting ends Friday, 6PM Eastern Standard-- so's our first "season!"

Jan. 23rd, 2009

oh anna


i can see the light at the end of the tunnel... uh... um... haiku light.

So, dear haikuists, the penultimate round ends. And the winners were...

Yyyyyeah, well, about that... I'll have to get back to you, after this last round.

Our tradition here has been anonymity; I'd like to keep it. / So for our last stage, you'll be witnessing two folks use my sockpuppets. / In the comments here, they'll be battling it out, haiku by haiku. / Who the hell are they? I contend it matters not. Just keep track of each.

As with last week's round, our finals will be freeform... with a little catch: / Each posted haiku must begin with the last word of the prior one. / (Said word must be sane-- five syllables is the max, no line-splitters, please.) / Players must take turns; your rival must post haiku before your next one.

The haiku will be posted in the comments here, in a lengthy thread. / Each finalist must post ten haiku in this thread; then the contest ends.

When the dust settles, I'll post both contributors' series of haiku. / Then I'll let you vote, and decide the winner of Haiku Idol 1!

Best of luck to you, and congrats to everyone; it's been fun so far!

(Yes, you noted it: The first player to post here must begin with "far.")

(...Well? What is your deal? Don't just sit there, sockpuppet! Throw the first haiku!)
oh anna


because I just love to ramp up all y'all's suspense toward the poll close...

Eleven more hours 'til our final round begins... every vote still counts.

The two survivors (still not sure which two they'll be) will really face off... :)

Jan. 21st, 2009

oh anna


since part of the fun is not knowing who's winning in this given round...

In current totals, the running is very close... get the word out: Vote!

Jan. 19th, 2009



freeform haiku time - it's a damn haiku showdown! please hold me, momma

Well, folks, here we are: Three contributions apiece from our final four. / When the dust settles, two last folks will duke it out in the final round. / Do vote carefully, for as many as you like. Winner: two high sums.

Read these twelve haiku, then vote for ALL your faves. The bottom two lose.Collapse )

This poll is closed.

Four contestants vie for the final slice of pie. Make mine a la mode.


Don't dilly-dally; polling closes 6pm Friday, EST.

Jan. 18th, 2009

oh anna


i have got a cold and am hacking up a lung; why am i still up?

Just a reminder: Your three haiku are due soon. Plz to post, kthx.

Also, since some asked, titles will now be allowed (retro-naming's fine); / all contributors in this week's entries so far have used at least one.

Finally, a link to sate that haiku hunger: Indecent Haiku. / (Not-Slashdot effect is giving them site problems; try and try again.)

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