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ljhaikuidol's Journal

LJ Haiku Idol
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A casual LJ-based haiku competition.
LJ Idol's fine.
But it's not a contest for
masters of haiku.

This is that contest.
Entrants here compete each week
strictly in haiku.

As in LJI,
topics on which entrants write
are assigned weekly.

Once the topic's out,
every entrant writes on it
in haiku alone.

There is no limit
on the number of haiku
that may form a post.

We would not advise
that you write "faux Asian" style.
Simply speak your mind.

You may even opt to write out your haiku thus-- as mere sentences.

Or instead, you could / do the sentence thing, no breaks, / but using slashes.

For our purposes,
haiku syllabic structure:
five, seven, and five.

Any entrant who
violates this haiku form
is disqualified.

Also, every week,
some entrants get voted out.
Sorry; that's the game.

Topics on Monday;
deadlines always on Friday.
Polls close on Monday

Enjoying the game?
Why not consider joining?
Signup has begun!